Soft disclaimer:  This blog entry will be mostly photos and not a lot of words.

True story: About 3 years ago, on a beautiful Sunday morning, while standing in right field, in roughly the 4th or 5th inning of our Over-55-League baseball game, a brand new artistic idea popped into my head.  What I could do is take one of my photos, enlarge it really big, then make a series of smaller prints of just pieces of that big photo using strategic and important sections of it, and finally re-assemble the photo to scale as a large piece of wall décor.  Just like these samples:

Snowy Egret:

First I applied special effects to turn one of my favorite snowy egret photographs into something more along the lines of a painting.  The extreme outside dimensions are approximately 60″ x 60″ (5 feet by 5 feet).  A total of 9 smaller prints make up the piece: Three 20×30’s, three 11×14’s and three 8×10’s.  This one is currently on display in my living room.


Reddish Heron

Once again, special effects were applied but in this one I used eighteen 8×10 prints.

Outside dimensions are approximately 48″ x 48″.

Here is how it might look on your living room wall.


1955 Chevy Bel Air

No special effects to speak of.  Only minor color changes to closer match bedroom colors.

Going extra large, wall-to-wall above the headboard.


Baby Elephant

I had the opportunity this past summer to visit Chobe National Park in the African country of Botswana.  Knowing my mother loves baby elephants I was fortunate to encounter this baby and its mother.

This arrangement is now on display in my mom’s living room.  No special effects were applied.


Anhinga at Sunset

Going with basically two colors on this one any a lot of smaller pieces.  41 to be exact.


…..and in conclusion……

For something completely different, unique and customized to your taste and decor, consider one of these works of art.  And maybe suggest a good name for it.  Perhaps “Jumbalaya”?  Or “Organized Randomness”?  But no matter what it’s called there IS a method to the madness and if the batters on the other team would have been hitting a lot of baseballs in my direction I would have been too busy chasing them down to think of this!