Back in February I posted a blog to introduce “Wall Puzzles” which, at the time, was just a working title for a unique, creative, distinctive and downright cool concept of dissecting a large photograph into smaller (and usually standard-sized) pieces and then reconstructing the photo to scale on the wall.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words but I’m convinced that far more than 1,000 words would be necessary to describe the concept so, luckily, this blog will feature several photos to properly illustrate just exactly what a Photographic Mosaic by Wagner Photography is.


Step One: Preparation

No two Photographic Mosaics are alike, even if two or more clients select the same photograph to be used in the mosaic.  Size, color and material are just 3 of the variable that come into play.  The first step in the process usually involves consultation between the client and Wagner Photography at the location where the mosaic will be displayed.  This initial meeting is where the client will either select a photograph or discuss preferred subject matter which will enable us to assemble a selection of choices for the client to review.  In addition, we need to actually take photos of the wall and room décor and take several measurements in order to properly scale the design accurately.


Step Two:  Presentation of Ideas

Within a day or two of the initial consultation the client will be presented with photographs of their wall/room showing how the selection of finished Photographic Mosaics would look.  This can easily be done via email.  Notice how the colors and style of the photographs compliment the decor.  Quite often our photographs are made to look like pop art, water colors, or even line drawings.

Step Three:  Installation

It normally takes 10-14 days for the finished order to arrive from the lab and when it does, it is ready to be assembled on the wall.  Wagner Photography handles the installation process as well to ensure all the pieces are properly positioned.  It typically takes four weeks from initial consultation to final installation.

Step Four:  Materials and Pricing

As mentioned earlier, each and every Photographic Mosaic is unique and completely customized to the needs of the client in terms of size, subject matter, color and texture.  In addition there is a wide variety of materials available on which to print the mosaics.  For example metal prints are among our favorites, along with canvas as well.  But other materials are also available such as glass, wood, acrylic and a seemingly infinite array of photographic papers ranging from high metal-like gloss to a flat, non-glare texture.  Because of so many variables each Photographic Mosaic is individually priced.

However, it is possible to somewhat calculate an estimated price based on overall size and material used.  For example the mosaic of the Two Reddish Herons at Sunset shown here above the headboard measures approximately 50″ by 50″, outside dimensions.  Printed on metal, canvas or most papers the price range would be $1,200 to $1,600, or approximately $70 to $90 per square foot.  The Multi-Colored Zebra shown above the white sofa measures nearly 90″ tall by 110″ wide, outside dimensions, but there is a lot of “blank” space within the outside dimensions.  Printed on metal, canvas or most papers the price range would be $3,400 to $4,500, or approximately $50 to $65 per square foot.


Step Five: Enjoy

The easiest step of the four.  Simply enjoy your original, unique, creative Photographic Mosaic masterpiece by Wagner Photography for years to come.  We would love to work with you.  Feel free to call 239-898-8677 or email

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