As I look back on June 2017 on its final day I realized what a wide selection of photographs I had the opportunity to take.  The work I did for Perfect Game, the Sunshine State Games and Cape Coral Lifestyle magazine, plus my self-assignments, I kept pretty busy all month.  This blog entry is a kind of recap of June 2017.

The First Part of the Month

On a gloomy Friday afternoon I headed down to Fort Myers Beach to the location of what was likely a pier or fishing dock long ago.  All that is left are the pilings, which are now used by pelicans, sea gulls, great egrets and other water birds as evenly-spaced perches.  

Smokin’ Joe’s

There’s a great little cigar bar in downtown Sarasota.  But since I don’t drink or smoke it wouldn’t seem like there would be much for me there.  But there is.  Smokin’ Joe’s is famous for the gigantic video wall that pretty much dominates the entire west wall of the bar’s interior.  The owner was kind enough to give me a tour of his entire operation and (here’s the best part) he showed a selection of my photos on his huge screens.  It blew me away!


Well, let’s see….there was baseball, boxing, karate, judo, tae-kwon-do, weightlifting, baton twirling, ultimate Frisbee, archery, fencing and water polo over the course of 8 days in the middle of the month.  My Canon EOS 1DX got quite a workout: over 40,000 pictures were taken in those 8 days.  

Completing the Circle

I drove down to the beach this morning to finish the month where I started it: the old pier pilings.