Photographic Mosaics

One-of-a-Kind Displays

Customized Photography

Customized to compliment your décor incorporating exactly the right colors, style, subject and texture

Creatively Cropped

Strategically dissected to create an extraordinary visual experience, while maintaining the most important elements

Scaled Perfectly to Your Space

Re-assembled, to scale, perfectly on the wall as a group of individual photos to create a dynamic display

Stunning Photography

Browse through our galleries, keeping in mind that we have hundreds of photographs in our archives so if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for on our website chances are we have it “in stock.”

Customized for You

You will only find the Photographic Mosaic right here at Wagner Photography. We work directly with you from start to finish, giving you and your design our personal attention.

For the Perfect Statement

Your mosaic can be any size you desire with virtually no limitations. And because the very large photograph is being sectioned into smaller pieces, the logistics (shipping, handling, weight, bulkiness, etc.) of dealing with a very large photograph are eliminated completely.

Start Your Custom Photographic Mosaic

The Photographic Mosaic is an original, creative, dynamic, and unique concept exclusively offered by Wagner Photography.

Explore the Possibilities

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