Pricing & Products

Each and every finished print by Wagner Photography is customized to fit the needs of the client. Modern technology is allowing us to print photographs on everything from traditional paper to metal to acrylic to wood to canvas, you name it. In addition, each type of medium is further subdivided into numerous types, finishes, textures, etc.

Customize Your Prints

As far as the photo itself is concerned there is an infinite number of ways to present the same image.  If, for example, you like a particular photograph but you would prefer for it to look like an oil painting to match your living room décor, we can do that.  With Wagner Photography anything is possible.

Here are samples of what we can do:  Say, for example, you like this photo of the Florida panther but its original colors and style just do not work for the room you want to hang it in.  We will work with that photo until it works perfectly for you.   There are an infinite number of other ways to present this photo.

20″ x 30″

Florida Panther Print

On Metal:
$500 – $700

On Acrylic:
$600 – $800

On Canvas:
$400 – $600

On Metallic Paper & Mounted:
$375 – $525

40″ x 60″

Caddo Lake Print

On Canvas:
$1,550 – $1,950

On Metal:
$2,150 to $2,550

On Acrylic:
$2,150 to $2,550

On Satin Paper with a Satin
Finish & Mounted:
$1,075 – $1,375

30″ x 90″

The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier Print

On Canvas:
$1,500 – $1,900

On Metal:
$2,300 – $2,700

On Acrylic:
$2,850 – $3,250

On Metallic Paper & Mounted:
$1,050 – $1,300


Ready to Customize Your Prints?

A firm price will be quoted once the final decision has been made as to what image manipulation may be necessary, material used for the print, size, finish, and so on.